Many accountants place the onus on you to provide bookkeeping information so they can establish your financial position. Brookson SME Accountancy removes this administration from you. Our integrated bookkeeping and accountancy solution provides 24-7 access to key financial information through your online portal. Simply send us your invoices and expenses through your online portal and we will do the rest. These are processed for you, usually within 24 hours, and integrated into your online dashboard delivering real-time financial management information.

Brookson SME Accountancy makes sure your invoices and expenses are up to date, leaving you to focus your energy on driving your business forward.

  • Complete Support

    Our knowledge and experience ensures compliance with HMRC digital requirements, removing paperwork and the hassle that comes with it. It means you have the peace of mind to focus on developing your business.

  • Accurate and up-to-date accounts

    Our accountancy and bookkeeping solution puts vital, current financial information at your fingertips. Real-time updates remove any guess work when it comes to key business decisions, or simply knowing exactly where you stand.

  • Easy Integrated Invoicing

    Raising invoices is an essential part of running a business, it is the life blood keeping your cash flow healthy. Create time sheets and send invoices using our portal and have them automatically entered into your account dashboard.

    Small business owners need to focus on operational delivery and driving growth, so it’s easy to let the administration and control of a sales ledger slip. With Brookson you get a dedicated bookkeeper who is constantly working for you, assessing who owes you money and ensuring invoices are generated as soon as they should be in a professional format.

  • Simple Expenses on the Go

    Claiming expenses efficiently ensures you maximise the tax relief available to your business. Our service makes this easy. Simply send them to us by post, email or via the mobile app. Once we receive them they are checked, processed entered into your online account dashboard so you can clearly see their status.

  • Clear Reconciliations

    Our team will process and reconcile your transactions, ensuring your accounting records are live, up to date and available on the go via phone, tablet or PC.

  • Convenient Bank Integration

    We utilise automatic bank feeds with HSBC, RBS or NatWest to maintain your bookkeeping and update your financial information. This saves you the time and hassle of having to collate and send regular bank statements to us, as well as providing accurate financial information when you need it.

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