Cloud Based Technology

Cloud Based Technology

Is your Cashflow updated on a daily basis? With Brookson it is…

We developed an online portal to help save you time and money and ensure you stay in control, by transforming the way you work. Our online portal takes businesses to a whole new level. Packed with innovation, it enables business owners to make decisions based on their current position, not on past performance. 

If you would like to submit expenses from your mobile phone, check your tax position from your iPad or track invoices on the go, call today and speak to one of our advisers about our online portal. 

  • White labelling

    We offer recruitment agencies the ability to white label modules of our software, helping service end clients more effectively.

  • Improved productivity

    Bid for bigger contracts, run and administer a tiered agency PSL while streamlining your back office.

  • Client Access

    Your clients can use our technology solution to access job bookings, timesheets and contracts.

  • Compliance

    Our software utilises the latest technology and rigorous checks to ensure compliance is met.

  • Service Detail Resource Requisition

    Many clients suffer from over spending on temporary labour due to lack of controls at the ordering stage. Our technology solution provides an interface between the hirer, approver and recruiter to ensure only valid resource requests are made to you within the boundaries of the terms and conditions the agency has signed up to. This provides the agency with complete management information on all bookings and associated costs.

  • Electronic timesheets

    Our electronic timesheet solution offers you a simple, automated method for managing the timesheet to payment process. Seamlessly integrated with your existing front and back office systems, it enables customised approvals and authorities reducing admin, increasing efficiency and risk management.

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