Contractor Services

Contractor Services

Whether your contractors or freelancers are already established starting out, Brookson are here to help. Our all-inclusive service ranges for Limited Companies, Umbrella Employment or Self-Employment minimises administrative work and keeps them safe by providing everything they need. from straightforward accounting to professional financial advice - for one monthly fee, with no hidden costs.

Importantly this service ensures both you and your flexible staff are conducting business compliantly.

  • Accountancy services
    • Fully automated bookkeeping.
    • Nightly bank feed from your business bank to allow us to reconcile your invoices and payments which feeds into your companies online portal.
    • Daily, monthly and annual accounts preparation as required
    • Complete year-end service
    • Company support services
  • Tax Services
    • A view of your tax position throughout the year
    • Advice on VAT registration (including flat rate VAT)
    • Tax processing
    • All HMRC correspondence dealt with and advise action required
    • Proactive reminders of all tax payments (including SMS reminders 24hrs before payment is due)
    • Advice on remuneration and profit extraction
  • Support with planning and protection
    • Unique Tax Promise to support you, should HMRC launch an enquiry into your affairs
    • Unlimited financial references
    • Access to a vast knowledge centre for useful information to help you run your business
    • Expert advice on hand to help you with tax planning and other financial decisions
    • Online tax planner to keep track of deadlines
    • Document storage - all key documents filed automatically and retrievable from one central place
    • Online planner to help you to keep track of deadlines
  • Assistance with running your business
    • Smart, intuitive and totally unique online portal allowing 24/7 access to your business information
    • Daily calculation of the amount that can be safely withdrawn from your business bank account after tax and other expenses
    • Smart invoicing area to professionally raise and send invoices, via phone, laptop, mobile and tablet
    • Instant view of paid and outstanding invoices
    • Convenient area to log and review business expenses
  • Support services
    • Support in starting out - expert advice on understanding your working options
    • Legal helpline, with access to free preliminary legal support including, litigation, regulation, insolvency, pensions, intellectual property and debt recovery
    • Unique business banking through our partners RBS, Barclays and HSBC
    • Support from a Specialist Team s, as well as 24/7 access to your accounts
  • We can also provide access to
    • Specialist legal advice
    • Financial advice on pensions, mortgages, life cover, savings and investments
    • Discounted healthcare cover
    • Discounted comprehensive Insurance Packages

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