Director Support

Director Support

Like many people setting up in business, it is partly about your lifestyle, but also about your future and eventual retirement. Our role doesn’t stop at supporting your business, we’re here for you, and your employees too.

From personal tax, investments, savings, mortgages and retirement planning we offer expert advice through Brookson Financial Services, a team of financial advisers with over 20 years experience.

We can help you save time by searching the market for products and solutions that meet your business requirements. We take the time to look at your circumstances and individual requirements to recommend the best product for your business. Our advisers are experienced in small and startup businesses.

  • Personal Tax

    As a director of your company you submit an individual tax return separate to this of your company. We provide advice based on your personal financial requirements and plans.

  • Protection

    Having the correct insurance in place as a business owner can be a number one priority. Our advisers can guide you on options for business insurance, life cover, critical illness cover and income protection plans specifically designed for the self-employed.

  • Mortgages

    We understand the challenges and frustrations of applying for a mortgage. As part of the Tenet Group we have access to Tenet Lime who specialise in finding mortgages and mortgage related products for company directors. They understand the way you work and the way in which you are paid. With them we can arrange different types of mortgages.

  • Investments & Savings

    There are many different ways to take care of investments and savings. Whether you are looking to benefit from an ISA allowance, maximise available pension tax relief, save for a future event or simply ensure you are making the most from money already invested, we can help.

  • Pension Advice

    Our Financial advisers review your individual circumstances, taking into account your personal preferences, and suggest a pension scheme that best suits your need. We take into account:

    • Tax efficiency – which is the most tax efficient pension for you
    • Flexibility – which pension provides the level of flexibly
    • Risk – the level of risk you are prepared to accept in your pension
    • Review – a free financial health check for new clients, as well as regular reviews to check you are on course to meet your goals
  • Retirement Advice

    Our team can help you explore your options including State Pension Benefits, Stakeholder Pensions, Personal Pension and SIPPs. We can even look at old arrangements you may have with past companies and employers. Brookson Financial Services can offer advice and guidance on products from all pension providers, not just one or two. It doesn’t even matter if you have existing policies in place: we can still help you by establishing if your plans are working effectively and fully compliment.

    It’s not just about your pension. Your planning may include investments, saving plans or property as part of your retirement solution. Forecasting retirement income relies on gathering the right information and performing a series of calculations to predict the probable outcome. Brookson Financial Services can take all the hard work out of this process and we can produce a personalised retirement planning report exclusive for you. We use sensible, industry standard assumptions, to provide you with an understandable view of your probable retirement position.

    We have the tools and expertise to perform the necessary calculations efficiently. WE have electronic access to real time fund valuations with most major UK financial service providers. Naturally, deciphering the details produced by investment, insurance and pension providers is second nature to us.


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