Employee Management

Employee Management

It’s well known that happy staff can be more productive. Brookson’s services ensure all of their work related financial needs are managed efficiently and effectively. As your business grows we are with you all of the way. Our approach allows us to work with you as your business develops. Keeping you one step ahead as your business evolves.

Every aspect of employee management is covered, leaving you free to focus on growing your business.

  • Technology enabled management tools

    Our innovative online portal enables you to store and access your employee management information ensuring it is kept safe, secure and up to date.

  • Hiring

    When hiring new staff it is essential you get the right people in place and start your relationship on a professional footing. Our solution removes the headache of taking on new staff and supports you completing pre-employment tasks, creating the contract of employment and setting up the payroll.

  • Employee compliance

    Navigating the world of employment law can be a daunting task for anyone starting up, and running a business. Our service puts you in great shape when it comes to keeping up with regulations, policies and good employment law practice. You are issued with a comprehensive staff handbook to ensure both you as the employer and your employees follow the correct processes.

  • Employee Life Events

    From parental leave or promotions, jury duty or sickness absence, all employers will have to address queries and support employees during their employment. Life happens. Balancing your employees’ need to address personal issues, while making sure they are available and committed to their work can be a tough challenge for any employer. Managing these well from the start is essential for your business. Our employee management services leave you with one less thing to be concerned about.

  • Exit management

    Succession planning, dealing with unruly employees and simply protecting your business when employees choose to move on are important aspects for every business. Our employee management solution is available when you have to deal with some of the more challenging aspects of exit management. Brookson is on hand to ensure they run smoothly, legally and you protect your business with potential legacy issues from an employee’s departure.

  • Employee financials

    HMRC imposes challenging requirements on a business to record and report payroll information for each employee and comply with pension legislation that requires all employees to be enrolled into a pension scheme. There are many calculations and reports to be produced. Brookson make sure you’re always on top of staff payroll and accounts and ensure you comply with regulations such as auto-enrolment and meet HMRC’s needs in relation to real-time information (RTI).

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